Biodiesel is an alternative fuel formulated exclusively for diesel engines; it’s made from vegetable oil, animal fats or seed oil crops.

Biodiesel can be mixed with petroleum diesel in any percentage, from 1 to 99, which is represented by a number following a B. For example, B5 is 5 percent biodiesel with 95 percent petroleum, B20 is 20 percent biodiesel with 80 percent petroleum, or B100 is 100 percent biodiesel, no petroleum.

Produced in accordance with strict industry specifications, commercial biodiesel that meets ASTM D6751 is legally registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a legal motor fuel for sale and distribution.

BioWillie Biodiesel is:

*For biodiesel blends, specifications apply only to biodiesel portion


  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D6751 (tested per batch)
  • Standards for ensuring quality through all delivery channels [this needs to be developed and might include random monitoring]
  • Feedstock source(s) are stated and can be confirmed


  • Meets SBA standards for feedstock production/procurement, processing and delivery
  • Must be minimum 5% biodiesel blend (B5)
  • Is produced in America, from American feedstock, and used in America within a reasonable region (see SBA standards)
  • SBA report card score of 90 or higher
  • One cent per gallon sold of BioWillie Biodiesel goes to support the work of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance